Photo of Ruben Lobel

Ruben Lobel

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: , incentive design in green supply-chains, policy making, pricing and contract design, renewable energy and green technology adoption

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Ruben Lobel did his Ph.D. in Operations Research at MIT, where he focused on problems of policy design for green technologies and robust data-driven optimization, with applications to dynamic pricing and revenue management. Previously, he obtained a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at PUC-Rio (Brazil), with a focus in Control Systems and Operations Research. He has also worked in finance and consulting for companies in the electricity industry in Rio de Janeiro, New York and Boston.

His current research goal is to tackle questions about how green technologies (e.g. solar panels, electric vehicles, energy efficiency) spread through the consumer market and how policy makers can influence this process efficiently.

This understanding of consumer behavior can be used by companies to strategically plan pricing and contract decisions, and by policy makers to make better regulations. Another aspect of this research is to understand how industry players will be strategically responding to policy decisions.