Canberk Ucel

Canberk Ucel
  • Doctoral Candidate

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Research Interests: sustainability, agricultural productivity, organization of agricultural value chains, smallholders & industrial development, Big Data in farming, local sourcing

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Canberk Ucel is a fifth year doctoral student in the Operations Management track. His primary research interests are improving agricultural value chains on economic, social and environmental dimensions through the use of data analytics, government policy interventions and supply chain innovations.

In his research, he leverages industry partnerships to access proprietary data on farm operations, as well as extensive qualitative field work, in order to come up with useful insights and recommendations for the industry. He is currently working on two primary research projects. One of them explores the drivers of low productivity among smallholders in South-East Asia and potential operational interventions to alleviate widespread farmer poverty. The second one studies large-scale, highly-mechanized farming in the U.S. Mid-West, looking to develop risk-based, data-driven farm management strategies that improve farm profitability and reduce environmental impact. His goal for this research is to challenge commonly held assumptions regarding modern agricultural systems and provide actionable recommendations to farmers, policy-makers and companies involved in agricultural value chains.

He received his undergraduate degree from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey in Industrial Engineering prior to joining the program. At Penn, he is involved in the Wharton Doctoral Council, and have been representing Wharton research students at Penn’s graduate student government for the past two years. When he is not working on his research, he enjoys producing music on his Seaboard and, most recently, started learning Persian.




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