Youran Fu

Youran Fu
  • Doctoral Candidate

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    532.4 Jon M. Huntsman Hall
    3730 Walnut St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research Interests: empirical operations management in retailing and service industry; data-driven business analytics

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I am a fifth-year doctoral student studying empirical operations management. My research interest is to make better sense of microeconomic data, and use those insights to optimize firm decision making in retailing and service industry. I use applied econometrics and machine learning to draw causal inference, build predictive models, and generate prescriptive analytics from big data.

I earned my BS degree in Mathematics from University of Michigan and my BSE degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2013.


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OIDD 101 Introduction to Operations Management, Recitation Instructor

2016 Wharton PhD Tech Camp, Instructor

OIDD 615 Operations Strategies, TA

OIDD 673 Global Supply Chain Management, TA

OIDD 697 Retail Supply Chain Management, TA

OIDD 101 Introduction to Operations Management, TA


Past Courses


    OIDD 101 explores a variety of common quantitative modeling problems that arise frequently in business settings, and discusses how they can be formally modeled and solved with a combination of business insight and computer-based tools. The key topics covered include capacity management, service operations, inventory control, structured decision making, constrained optimization and simulation. This course teaches how to model complex business situations and how to master tools to improve business performance. The goal is to provide a set of foundational skills useful for future coursework atWharton as well as providing an overview of problems and techniques that characterize disciplines that comprise Operations and Information Management.


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