Major in Information, Strategy and Economics

The field of strategy is constantly evolving as the competitive environment facing firms changes, and as our knowledge of the field evolves to keep pace. One of the most significant changes has been the dramatic improvement in the information endowments, or “states of informedness,” enjoyed by the firm, its customers, and its competitors. The discipline of Information Strategy and Economics has emerged to deal with changes in information endowments and their impact on strategy, and it provides an excellent foundation for careers in strategic management, both within the firm and as consultants in strategic management. Its courses are motivated by its focus on information as a driver of strategy, hence its location in the OID Department, but it does not study technology nor does it have the quantitative analysis focus of the rest of the OID Department.

ISE is a major in its own right, but most of its courses also can be applied toward the major in Strategy in the Management department.

Course requirements for the major can be satisfied by selecting from courses already offered in OID, Management, and Marketing. The major is intended to allow great flexibility, as individual students may wish to focus on issues of information strategy applied to marketing, change management internal governance, or external alliances. Students are required to take at least one course from an approved list of Marketing courses and at least one course from an approved list of Management courses. Additionally, students must complete at least three credits within the OID Department.

NOTE: All OIDD courses were listed as OPIM until Spring 2016.

Required Courses in Information Strategy

(Both of the following courses)
OIDD 666 Information: Industry Structure and Competitive Strategy (.5 cu)
OIDD 669 Advanced Topics in Information Strategy [Intended as a second
semester second year capstone course to integrate the diverse subjects covered in the major](1 cu)

External Focus / Marketing

(At least one course from the following list or other as
negotiated with ISE program coordinator based on individual student’s needs and preferences.)

MKTG 756 Marketing Research
MKTG 776 Applied Probability Models in Marketing
MKTG 777 Marketing Strategy
MKTG 759 Channel Management (.5 cu)

Internal Focus / Management

(At least one course from the following list or other as negotiated with ISE program coordinator based on individual student’s needs and preferences.)
MGMT 711 Competitive Strategy and Industry Structure
MGMT 712 Managing Interfirm Alliances (.5 cu)
MGMT 773 Managing Organizational Change
MGMT 782 Strategic Implementation
MGMT 784 Managerial Economics and Game Theory

OID ISE Electives

(At least two of the following, as needed so that approved courses taken for the Major total at least five credit units and the approved OID courses total at least three credit units)

OIDD 632 Operations Management: Supply Chain Management (.5 cu)
OIDD 658 Service Operations Management
OIDD 667 Business Transformation (.5 cu)
OIDD 668 Telecommunications Technology and Competitive Strategy (.5 cu)
OIDD 669 Special Topics In Information, Strategy, and Economics
OIDD 670 Special Topics in Information Systems: Simulation and Dynamic
Competitive Strategy
OIDD 676 Electronic Markets (.5 cu)
OIDD 677 Business Models and the Internet: Strategy, Operations, Information (.5 cu)
OIDD 691 Negotiations
OIDD 899 Independent Study in Information Strategy (Can be advised by faculty members in OID, Marketing, Management, or Finance, as appropriate to student needs.) (.5 cu or 1.0 cu)