Departmental Course Requirements

A total of 16 course credits are required for graduation. Up to four appropriate graduate course credits can be transferred from another graduate institution, after approval of the student’s advisor and of the PhD coordinator.  This section outlines the remaining requirements for all PhD students in OIDD.

Core Courses

All first year OID doctoral candidates must take OIDD 9010 – Introduction to OID Faculty and Their Research. The course must be taken in the Fall semester and the Spring semester for 0.5 CU each.

All students must take each of the department’s three core courses and earn a grade of B+ or better:

OIDD 9000 Foundations of Decision Processes;
OIDD 9400 Operations Management; and
OIDD 9550 Research Seminar in Information Systems.


The Wharton School requires all PhD students to demonstrate proficiency in the material covered in one of several one-year sequences of statistics courses. OID Department Ph.D. students can satisfy the Wharton requirement with one of the following sequences: STAT 5000-5010; STAT 5000-5120; STAT 5200-5210; STAT 5410-5420 STAT 5500-5510; or ECON 7050-7060.

Students may demonstrate proficiency by either receiving a grade of B- or better in each course, or by passing a waiver exam administered by the Economics or Statistics Departments, or by transferring a comparable graduate-level course from another institution. Students may choose courses across sequences (e.g., STAT 5200 and STAT 5420) with permission from the PhD coordinator. Students typically complete their statistics requirements during their first year, before their qualifying exam.

Teacher Development Program

The Wharton School requires all PhD students to complete the Teacher Development Program (TDP). Students should complete this program before being admitted to candidacy. Waivers of the TDP are granted under the following conditions: prior teaching experience recognized teaching awards, college-level education courses.