OIDD 1010 Waiver Policy

The official policy for waving OIDD 1010 is as follows:

1) Student must be in a dual (Engineering + Wharton) degree program and
2) Student must take a 1 cu OIDD course from the following list of courses:
– 2200 Introduction to Operations Management
– 2360 Scaling Operations
– 2450 Analytics and the Digital Economy
– 2900 Decision Processes
– 3140 Enabling Technologies

Note that:
– M&T students get an automatic waiver
– It is not permissible to substitute CIS 1100 for OIDD 1010
– In case the substitute course from the list above is only a 0.5 cu, the student must take another 0.5 cu course within OIDD. Please, consult with the OIDD Undergraduate Advisor.

We are not accepting various higher level ESE or OIDD courses as a substitute for OIDD 1010.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact the OID Undergraduate Concentration Advisor: Maria Rieders — 517 JMHH — 215-898-0535 — oid-undergrad@wharton.upenn.edu