Major in Operations, Information and Decisions

The department offers a major in Operations, Information and Decisions to MBA students who have taken 5 CUs of OID courses (including flex core course requirements).

Flex Core Requirements for MBA Students

Effective 2021-2022, MBA students will be able to satisfy the 1.0 credit unit OIDD flex core requirement by taking any of the following classes below.

OIDD 611: Quality and Productivity (0.5 CU)

OIDD 612: Business Analytics (0.5 CU)

OIDD 613: Online Business Models and the Information-Based Firm (0.5 CU)

OIDD 614: Innovation (0.5 CU)

OIDD 615: Operations Strategy (0.5 CU)

OIDD 662: Enabling Technologies (1.0 CU)

OIDD 690: Managerial Decision Making (1.0 CU)

Requirements for the OID Major

a)  5CUs from any MBA courses offered by the OID department, including flex core course requirements.
b) Cross-listed courses count towards the major.
c) Up to 1 CU of independent study projects can be counted towards the OID major.
d) None of the 5CUs of courses can be taken Pass/Fail.

The following are suggested tracks, which constitute coherent sets of courses in specific areas of study. However, these tracks are only suggestions and students are free to construct their own programs of study.

NOTE: All OIDD courses were listed as OPIM until Spring 2016.

Operations Management Track

OIDD 611 Quality and Productivity (.5 cu)
OIDD 612 Business Analytics (.5 cu)
OIDD 614 Innovation (.5 cu)
OIDD 615 Operations Strategy (.5 cu)
OIDD 654 Product Management (.5 cu)
OIDD 658 Service Operations Management (.5 cu)
OIDD 673 Global Supply Chain Management (.5 cu)
OIDD 680 Operations Strategy Practicum (.5 or 1 cu)
OIDD 697 Retail Supply Chain Management (.5 cu)
OIDD/STAT 777 Introduction to Python for Data Science (.5 cu)

Information Systems Track

OIDD 613 Online Business Models and the Information-Based Firm (.5 cu)
OIDD 652 Design and Development of Web-Based Products and Services (.5 cu)
OIDD 662 Enabling Technologies

Decision Processes Track

OIDD 690 Managerial Decision Making
OIDD 691 Negotiations
OIDD 692 Advanced Negotiation
OIDD 693 Influence (.5 cu)
BEPP 811 Risk and Crisis Management (.5 cu) (may be counted as an OIDD
course for the purposes of satisfying the 5 cu requirement for the Decision
Processes Track

MBA Advisor: Marshall Fisher  –