Living in Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia is the largest city in the State of Pennsylvania and the 6th most populous in the United States with nearly 1.5 million citizens. You will find that Philadelphia is centrally located giving you easy access to other large metropolitan areas (New York, Washington, Boston) and educational institutions along the East Coast.  From within the City, there is easy access to local and national railways, the airport, regional bus service, and public transportation (subway and bus), and the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey shore are only a one-hour drive from Philadelphia.

In comparison to cities where other major business schools are located, Philadelphia, on average, is a relatively more affordable place to live.*

City Average Rent: 1 BDR Apartment*
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA $2,075
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL $2,127
UCLA, Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA $2,740
Stanford University, Stanford, CA $2,798
MIT, Cambridge, MA $2,710
Columbia University, Morningside Heights, New York, NY $3,605


* Data extracted from the average rents provided by (June 5, 2024)