Information Systems Track

The rapid technological progress in the computing sector and the dramatic decline in the cost of computer power have fueled an investment boom in information technologies. Information technology are now called upon to understand how technology can be used to create new corporate strategies, new products and new types of organizations in addition to the traditional roles of designing, building and maintaining information systems and managing systems implementation.

The Information Systems track in OID is designed to provide the necessary understanding both technical and business issues relating to information systems. The program is ideal for students interested in managing information technology, either as a technologist or as a general manager, or as a consultant in technology-intensive industries. In addition, the program provides a good supplement to engineering or other technologically-sophisticated students who wish to obtain greater exposure to managerial issues or students in finance or management who wish to better understand the role of technology in their core disciplines.

The IS track includes OIDD 1010 (unless exempt), and electives worth 4 CU.

NOTE: All OIDD courses were listed as OPIM until Spring 2016.


OIDD 1050 Developing Tools for Data Access and Analysis (1 CU)
OIDD 2010 Technology Management, Information and the Digital Economy (1 CU)
OIDD 2100 Management Information Systems (1 CU)
OIDD 2240 Service Operations Management (1 CU)
OIDD 2450 Analytics and the Digital Economy (1 CU)
OIDD 2900 Decision Processes (1 CU)
OIDD 3110 Business Computer Languages (1 CU)
OIDD 3140 Enabling Technologies (1 CU)
OIDD 3150 Databases for Analytics (0.5 CU)
OIDD 3190 Seminar in Decision Systems (1 CU)
OIDD 3250 Computer Simulation Models (1 CU)
OIDD 4100 Data Mining for Business Intelligence (1 CU)
OIDD 4690 Advanced Topics in Information Strategy and Economics (0.5 or 1 CU)

OID Undergraduate Concentration Advisor:

Maria Rieders — 517 JMHH — 215-898-0535

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