OID Graduation Requirements

Effective 2021-2022, MBA students will be able to satisfy the 1.0 credit unit OIDD flex core requirement by taking any of the following classes below.

OIDD 611: Quality and Productivity (0.5 CU)

OIDD 612: Business Analytics (0.5 CU)

OIDD 613: Online Business Models and the Information-Based Firm (0.5 CU)

OIDD 614: Innovation (0.5 CU)

OIDD 615: Operations Strategy (0.5 CU)

OIDD 662: Enabling Technologies (1.0 CU)

OIDD 690: Managerial Decision Making (1.0 CU)

For questions, please contact the OID MBA Advisor Marshall Fisher