Clay Burns

Clay Burns
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    557 JMHH
    3730 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104


Past Courses

  • OIDD415 - Product Design

    This course provides tools and methods for creating new products. The course is intended for students with a strong career interest in new product development , entrepreneurship, and/or technology development. The course follows an overall product design methodology, including the identification of customer needs, generation of product concepts, prototyping, and design-for-manufacturing. Weekly student assignments are focused on the design of a new product and culminate in the creation of a prototype, which is launched at an end-of-semester public Design Fair. The course project is a physical good - but most of the tools and methods apply to services and software products. The course is open to any Penn sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student.

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In the News

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Meerkat and Periscope are the latest in socially connected apps that let users broadcast live video from their smartphones. But will they last?

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2015/04/20
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